Useful Links

The following is a list of websites and resources we have found useful during our journey and beyond:

Advice and Guidance

Bliss – Features information, stories and downloadable leaflets on just about every part of the journey.

Peek-a-boo ICU – A range of useful articles for preemie parents.

Similar Stories

Baby Molly’s Neonatal Journey – The story of another surviving 23 week twin, Molly born in 2009.

The Hobson Twins – The story of surviving 23 week twin, Bryer, who is still in hospital.


George @ Asda – The best value for money neonatal premature baby clothing, the clothes are also easy to put on around the leads and tubes.

Baby Prem – Excellent site for premature baby clothes, including fun items as well. We bought a lovely vest for Henry’s “going home” outfit from here that read “NICU nurses are superheroes”.

Early Baby Store – Features a range of lovely clothing although a little more pricey that the sites mentioned above.


NICU Words – A nice comprehensive glossary of common terms and treatments.

NeoMate – Really designed for medical staff but useful if you want to know a little more in-depth information about some of the medications and treatments administered.